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Full-service digital customer experience optimization for the modern marketer.

Kaizen Platform helps you analyze,
improve, and grow your business

Optimization for growth

Take the guesswork out of effective website design with visual mapping of key optimization needs identified through Kaizen’s algorithmic recommendation engine.

A/B Testing simplified

Save resources with Kaizen's full-service, automated A/B testing service including everything from data-driven test prioritization to test page variation creation, test management and reporting.

Optimizer network

Access full-service creativity at scale from Kaizen’s curated network of world-class designers and copywriters.

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We've seen revenue take off and we're able to successfully expand our reach to retired travelers as a result of Kaizen Platform's ability to automatically tailor our campaign images and messaging to each of our unique customer segments.

Kazuo Sekiguchi, General Manager of Web Marketing , Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.


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