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Kaizen Platform A/B Testing Integrates with CyberAgent DMP to Achieve Unprecedented Personalization

Advertisers can now gain better insight than ever into which landing page layouts capture the most interest and drive the biggest sales

San Francisco: Kaizen Platform, Inc. is proud to announce integration of its A/B testing capabilities with the proprietary data management platform (DMP1) RightSegment2 developed by CyberAgent, Inc. (Tokyo). This tool integration combines page testing capabilities with in-depth audience segmentation, which gives advertisers the information needed to optimize website landing pages for specific target audiences.

Previously, A/B tests were run without considering website visitor demographics or psychographic data. This lack of data made it difficult to personalize an A/B test for a given user segment. Integration of the two capabilities now makes identifying optimal page design for a specific audience segment a reality; and based on the result of the test, separately display the best design to each segment automatically. “We are really excited to partner with CyberAgent and their RightSegment DMP. This creates an unprecedented opportunity for site personalization. At Kaizen, we strive to provide marketers with data-driven creativity at scale. Advancements like this help us realize this vision and deliver new value to the ecosystem,” says Erik Ford, COO of Kaizen Platform.

1 DMP. A DMP is a centralized data management platform that facilitates creation of target audiences based on a combination of in-depth, first-party and third-party audience data. A DMP accurately targets audiences with campaigns across third-party ad networks and exchanges. RightSegment accurately measures which campaigns perform the best across segments and channels to help refine media buys and ad creative over time.

2 RightSegment. RightSegment, Inc., a subsidiary of CyberAgent, Inc., offers the proprietary high-tech marketing solution, RightSegment. This DMP system captures conversion data, segmentation (demographics) data, and performance from advertisements.

About Kaizen Platform

Kaizen Platform enables marketing professionals to optimize digital customer experiences at scale without utilizing expensive internal resources. Clients like Nestle, Dannon, and Yahoo drive perpetual improvements to all stages of the digital customer experience through Kaizen’s crowd-fueled, technology-managed approach that connects fragmented marketing tools and talent into one optimization ecosystem. A venture-backed, San Francisco-based startup, Kaizen Platform has an office in Tokyo to service Asia-Pacific clients.

About CyberAgent, Inc.

Founded in 1998, CyberAgent, Inc. is a leading Internet company focused on its smartphone social community and game platform, Ameba. The company has provided many services to the Japanese market including being the largest smartphone game provider, supporting Internet ads, and being a corporate venture capitalist. CyberAgent maintains operations in the U.S., China, Vietnam, and Japan, with corporate headquarters located in Tokyo. The company generated annual sales of more than 1.9 billion USD in FY2014 (ended in September 2014). CyberAgent is listed on the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange (4751).

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