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Kaizen Receives $4MM in Funding from Fidelity Growth Partners; GREE Ventures

San Francisco: Kaizen Platform, Inc. is excited to announce an additional $4MM of funding from Fidelity Growth Partners and GREE Ventures to fuel expanded growth in the U.S. and internationally. Funding was secured after Kaizen proved to stakeholders that they were up to the challenge of taking a business model from Japan and successfully launching in the U.S.; as well as adjusting their sales, marketing, and product fronts to better accommodate the U.S. market.

"We are thrilled to receive continued investment and support to achieve our growth objectives globally. At Kaizen, we truly believe we are transforming the way marketing production and execution is done," says Erik Ford, COO, and acting CMO of Kaizen Platform.

Kaizen will put the additional funding to good use by continuing to refine its recently launched K2 platform, which was designed to address the growing need to connect silos across marketing teams. The K2 platform streamlines sourcing, creating, and optimizing content and media across the entire user journey.

David Milstein, Head of Fidelity Growth Partners, Japan states, “We continue to be excited by the growth of Kaizen. The Japan business continues to scale, and with the incredible team and initial traction in the U.S., we believe Kaizen will soon be on a similar path globally. The leadership team at Kaizen is driving the next evolution of how marketers engage their customers.”

Clients including Nestle, Dannon, and Yahoo! have already experienced first-hand how Kaizen’s platform optimizes digital customer experiences at scale, and without utilizing their expensive internal resources. Each of these clients, and many others, have achieved at least a 4.5-fold return on investment as a direct result of Kaizen’s optimization work.

Continually looking forward and finding ways to improve, Kaizen is excited about what’s next. “When you look at the future of marketing, customer experiences are always on, silos are a thing of the past, and platforms and execution are unified,” explains Ford.

About Kaizen Platform

Kaizen Platform enables marketing professionals to optimize digital customer experiences at scale without utilizing expensive internal resources. Clients like Nestle, Dannon, and Yahoo drive perpetual improvements to all stages of the digital customer experience through Kaizen’s crowd-fueled, technology-managed approach that connects fragmented marketing tools and talent into one optimization ecosystem. A venture-backed, San Francisco-based startup, Kaizen Platform has an office in Tokyo to service Asia-Pacific clients.

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