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The Mobile Optimization Best Practices Ebook

Building a true mobile experience is no longer optional. Businesses are not just forfeiting opportunities if they are not ‘mobile friendly,’ but they are also penalized by search engines if they fail to optimize for the mobile environment.

Discover the effective mobile landing page best practices that boost conversions and keep you ahead of the competition. In this ebook, you will learn about the next generation of mobile experiences and gain the insights and knowledge you need to optimize usability, maximize conversions, and build customer loyalty in the mobile environment.

Incorporating Google’s mobile design principles and real-life scenarios, this ebook covers everything from CTAs, to search, to cross-device opportunities. Go beyond the basics and build a truly mobile experience that delivers excellent performance and exceptional returns.

3 Things Retailers Need to Know About Mobile Showrooming

Imagine if a local Target store were to send a red-shirted, khaki pant-wearing team of employees across town to Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart would hardly allow the Target team on the premises to hand out Target coupons and inform shoppers that Target sells the same items at lower prices. The Target employees would be immediately escorted out the door. Although this practice wouldn’t fly, brands can take full advantage in the mobile device world. There is a vast pool of the competitors’ customers who use their mobile devices in-store to “showroom” —look, touch, and try on items in store, but purchase them online for a lower price. With a properly optimized mobile site experience, brands can leverage showrooming to grow both online and offline sales and make a dent in market share. Read this ebook to find out how.